Sattler Sonata Mosaic

A unique time piece – the Opus Sonata – German mechanical precision meets unique Italian micro mosaic art


– Case back, cornice (cover and bottom plate) personalized with mosaic, as well the dial and the weight sleeve
– Silver-plated dial with particularly large, hand painted moon phase display
– Pleasant, rich-sounding half-hour strike train
– 30-day power reserve
– Seconds pendulum with twin barometer and temperature compensation
– Accessory compartment in the bottom of the case

Sonata_Sici_frontal_4cIn music, the word “sonata” indicates an instrumental piece and comes from the Latin verb “sonare”, meaning “sound”. The most distinctive feature of the Opus Sonata is thus revealed right there in its name. The proud owner of such a handsome, handmade timepiece will delight not only in the soothing ticking of the movement but also in the warm sound of the long tubular gong, hidden in the back of the case, on the half-hour and the hour.
In addition to its pleasant chime, the clock also has a hand-painted moon phase display that lends a special appeal to the silver-plated dial. The combination of these two functions brings together visual beauty and acoustic splendour.
As is customary with the precision pendulum clocks from Erwin Sattler, the pendulum of the Opus Sonata is equipped with temperature and air-pressure compensation. The gold-plated gear train, with a 30-day power reserve, is fully fitted with ball bearings and jewel bearings, while the classic Graham escapement is embellished with agate pallets.

This exclusive ensemble is housed in a fine, contemporary case finished with metal inlays and a macassar cassette in the back. The front, consisting of three panes of glass, allows for an unobstructed view of the noble handmade mechanics.

Case: Black varnish with metal inlays
Case back, cornice (cover and bottom plate) personalized with mosaic,
as well the dial and the weight sleeve

Price: € 214.000,–

Technical data:
Crystals Mineral glass
Movement Sattler calibre 2015
Power reserve 30 days
Drive Weight going train 4,200 g with pulley, weight strike train 5,000 g with pulley
Oscillator Invar pendulum Ø 12 mm, temperature and air-pressure compensation with twin barometer
Ball bearings 24 precision ball bearings
Jewel bearings 4 in screwed-in chatons, 2 agate anchor pallets
Dial Hand-painted moon disc, cutaway in seconds dial, visible escapement (Graham)
personalized with mosaic
Strike train Half-hour rack strike train with long tubular gong
Beat rate 3600/h = 60/min

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