Beautiful clocks let you live with time in style, instead of restlessly living against it.

Erwin Sattler of Munich – the number one among clock manufacturers for many years – have used this phrase in one of their catalogs.

As a specialty store for clocks, we have been showcasing the most comprehensive selection of fine timepieces in Germany since 1993. More than 7000 customers appreciate that quality is the primary selection criterion for our range – a fact that has kept our doors locked for mass-produced goods and price competition and will continue to do so in the future. This is the foundation of our success and for that we thank our customers.

Physical proximity does not necessarily equal customer proximity. Everyone had to realize this fact once before. On the other hand, closeness to customers is not tied to short distances, which we have clearly proven in the past years! We interact with more than 30 customer service partners between the Mediterranean Sea and Iceland, responding to a pleasantly rare case of need. Or we bring our 50 years of watch repair experience straight to your home.

And so we’re as delighted as you are, if you decide to buy where you feel comfortable with our expert advice in a relaxed atmosphere. We thank you in advance for your trust in us.

Time is something so precious before God, that the master must honor him by the beauty of his work.

Peter Henlein (1479 – 1542)


Im Nikolaiviertel am Roten Rathaus
Poststraße 25
10178 Berlin – Mitte



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